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Afraid to Lift Heavy?

Updated: Apr 28

Over the course of our career, we have observed something regarding people getting started with strength training (or returning to strength training from an injury).

People tell us that they just "can't do it", because they know that they can't lift heavy and they're afraid they will hurt themselves if they try to.

With that, here is something that's very important for you to know if you've been thinking about starting to strength train and you know (think) you can't lift heavy

When you start, it's NOT about lifting the heaviest weight possible. It's about learning proper technique for the major lifts and picking the exercise/movement variations that work best for your body type and injury history. When you understand basic technique, those weights that feel really heavy right now often feel much lighter surprisingly quickly.

Also, heavy is just relative to your current level of strength. What is challenging or heavy in one lift for you, will be different than someone else.

When it comes to getting the benefits of progressive overload and strength training, you really only need three things:

  1. You have to just START! And starting means learning basic technique with whatever weight you feel comfortable starting with

  2. You need to follow a program that involves the major muscle groups where you repeat the same lifts over time

  3. Each week that you do the workout, you can add a small amount of weight to some of those lifts or add a rep or two. After each exercise you should only feel like you could have done about two more with good form.

And, FYI, if you have pain or an old injury there are modifications and ways to work around that. You don't have to - and shouldn't - blast through pain!

If you need help starting a program, or advice with a current program, then let us help you make the best you possible!

Call or text us at 850-912-9203 or email:

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