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Bumpy Feet Causing Pain?

Question: What is this bump on the top of my foot and how can I make it feel better?

A hard bump or prominence on the top of your midfoot is usually called a Tarsal Boss (or other names such as Dorsal Exostosis, Humped Bone, midfoot bone spur).

This is a bone spur that grows out of the midfoot joints and is generally a result of arthritis or other excessive pressure in the foot (tarsals or tarsals and metatarsal).

The spur itself usually isn’t a pain generator, however, the pressure that comes in contact with the bump is what makes it hurt.

Footwear can compress that midfoot area, squeezing the bump and creating pain on the top of your foot. Shoes that rub against the bump can increase the pain. You may also have foot aching or arch pain when arthritis is present as well.

Most of the time the pain can be relieve by reducing the pressure on the bump:

  • Loosening your shoe laces may be all you need to solve the problem – ensure that the tongue of the shoe is not tied tightly (“Skip Lacing”)

  • Putting soft padding between the top of the shoe and the prominence on your foot can also relieve some of the strain.

  • A stiff-soled shoe can also help decrease the force put on the midfoot when you take a step

None of this actually resolves the bump itself but can definitely alleviate some pressure placed upon it to help you be more functional with less pain.

You could also be placing excessive pressure onto the forefoot and midfoot causing more strain that you can tolerate during daily activities and sports activities. This can usually also be reduced through exercise modifications and selection (ask me how I can help with this!)

Hard bumps on the top of your foot are not normal and unfortunately may need surgical intervention if they worsen. Don’t wait until you can’t function before seeking treatment and help.

If you have any questions about what exercises or service that may benefit you the most, feel free to reach out anytime at or call 850-912-9203. If you're in Pensacola or the surrounding area then let's work together to get you a long-term plan to improve!

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