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Clear Communication is Key

Hilarious cartoon image sayings things out of context

Hilarious cartoon - but so, so true!⠀

🗣 There is nothing more frustrating than receiving communication that is not clear - unless you are trying to DELIVER a message that is not coming across as clear. It is so important to make sure our messages are heard and interpreted correctly⠀

But how do you create appropriate context? Here are some tips to keep in mind:⠀

👟 Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and actively listen to what they say and desire to know. Understand their story! ⠀

🧠 Remove the feeling that you are “smarter” than the person that you are sharing the information. Let them know how you know the information and share as many details as you can. So in other words, make sure to “teach them!” and don’t just “tell them”⠀

❓Proactively answer their questions. Answer questions before they are even asked to help the receiver reach conclusions easily⠀

Just remember that Clear Communication is Key to conveying information and instructions!

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