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Knee Pain with Running? Simple Fix!

🏃 Simple Knee Pain Solution: Increase your step rate to decrease knee and hip joint loading. ⠀

🙋‍♂️ Got a cranky knee that bugs you when you run? Try increasing your step rate (how fast you move your feet) to take pressure off that knee!⠀

While not a solution for faulty mechanics or body position, changing your step rate can reduce loads on the knees and hips, potentially reducing your pain. ⠀

Studies show that increasing your step rate by 10% lowers the mechanical energy absorbed by the knee (~35%) and hip. ⠀

⬆️⬇️ This happens because as STEP RATE INCREASES the STEP LENGTH DECREASES. ⠀

This reduces the “braking force” the joints must absorb from the ground causing less strain where we don’t want it. ⠀

How do we calculate our step rate?⠀

🧮 Count how many times your right foot lands in a 30-second period and multiply x 4 = total stride rate per minute. ⠀

Or, you can use this cheat: try using a metronome and use a tempo of 175-180 bpm where each beat is a foot strike. 😉 ⠀

👌🏻 📧 📲 Let me know how this helps!! I’m excited to hear the good results!⠀

❓If you’re interested in learning more about your knee pain with running or need help or advice with anything else please reach out! ❓⠀


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