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Tennis Power Training - Part 3

Build a solid foundation of strength – Don’t Just Train the Core on the Floor

Stand up to get the most out of your trunk strengthening.

Exercises such as weight carries, rack pulls, isometric and dynamic squats, hurdle drills and sprints are some of the best trunk and “core” strengthening activities out there.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with traditional planks, bird dogs, bridges or any other exercise but those are just the beginning!

Also, try to switch up your plank variations if you’re dying to do the dreaded plank:

There are so many more options depending on your body type, what output you're trying to achieve, what feels good, etc, etc...

Stay Tuned for Part 4 where I will discuss the importance of Upper Body Strength. If you missed them here are links to Part 1 and Part 2

If you have any questions about what exercises may benefit you the most, feel free to reach out anytime at or call 850-912-9203. If you're in Pensacola or the surrounding area then let's work together to get you a long-term plan to improve!

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