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Tennis Power Training - Part 4

Build a solid foundation of strength – Develop Upper Body Strength

Focusing on developing upper body tissue resiliency is important to make sure your rotator cuff doesn’t explode into a million pieces 😉

Focus on pulling, pressing, pushing and extending the upper body to utilize the legs and spine effectively.

Most rotational sports treat the upper body as something that is just attached to the “core”, however, what often holds back core training or even lower body training is a lack of upper body strength development.

Its hard to do push-ups, planks, or heavier rows if the shoulder joints are not prepared to support the rest of the body.

Exercises like medicine ball throws require strong hips and posterior muscles of the spine, but pressing and pushing strength is indirectly involved in many of the exercises seen in your trunk training program!

What exercises should I pick?

These are just a few examples of upper body exercises to improve your development:

This is definitely not an exact list and may be good for some and not be beneficial for others so either go slow and test the waters or get an assessment from someone that can make an effective program that fits your body and goals!

Stay Tuned for Part 5 (finale) where we discuss the importance of learning to redirect forces to improve your power!

If you have any questions about what exercises may benefit you the most, feel free to reach out anytime at or call 850-912-9203. If you're in Pensacola or the surrounding area then let's work together to get you a long-term plan to improve!

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