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Wait a Minute! My Forehand can cause Tennis Elbow?

Yep! It's not just your Backhand that can cause Tennis Elbow pain.

Forehand mechanics can play a significant role in the development of tennis elbow among tennis players. Suboptimal forehand technique can put excessive stress on the elbow, leading to overuse and injury. Here are a few ways that forehand mechanics can contribute to tennis elbow:

  • Hitting the Ball Too Hard: Hitting the ball too hard, or using too much wrist, can cause excessive stress on the elbow and lead to an injury.

  • Incorrect Racquet Grip: Using an incorrect racquet grip, such as holding the racquet too tightly or using a grip that is too small, can put unnecessary stress on the elbow.

  • Sub-Optimal Body Mechanics, Strength and Endurance: Sub-Optimal body mechanics, such as not using the legs to generate power or using an incorrect arm motion, can result in overuse and injury to the elbow. Reduced strength and fatigue can optimize poor body mechanics even further!

  • Lack of Warm-Up: Failing to properly warm-up before playing tennis can increase the risk of injury, as the muscles and tendons may not be adequately prepared for the stress of repetitive motions.


To reduce the risk of tennis elbow, it's important for tennis players to focus on proper forehand mechanics. This will typically include working with a coach to correct your technique and refine your movements on the court, using proper equipment, and warming up properly before playing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of tennis elbow (or any other pain), it is important to seek medical attention to prevent further injury and to ensure proper and quick treatment. The quicker you can receive treatment when pain begins, the shorter time that you will have to deal with the pain and the faster we can get back on the court without pain!

If you need help returning to the court with less pain and improved performance then email us at or Call us at 850-912-9203

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