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What Questions Should You Ask Yourself About Shoe Wear?

What Shoe is Best for You?

What do you need the most? Cushion or Support?

If your answer was cushion

Yes! This Trumps Everything! You can NOT buy cushioning to put into a shoe. You HAVE to buy a shoe with cushion!

Some brand examples of these shoes may be: Hoka, Altra, and some Brooks

With specific sport shoes you may have to get a pair that do not have any arch support but HAVE cushion. You can always add support

If your answer was support?

You can skip the cushion, because you more than likely do not need it as much. You need to look for heel control!

What is heel control?

If you can squeeze the heel of your shoe (like you are grabbing each side of the back of your heel) and you can easily squeeze it then, no, there is not suitable heel control in the shoe.

If you have "crazy mobile" feet you may then need a pretty stiff shoe with max heel control and arch support.

A brand example of these are Brooks

But here is the kicker! You can ALWAYS add more arch support to a shoe.

Every shoe has a different amount of support, wear, etc., so your same arch support will NOT be okay in every single shoe.

In summary, if it doesn't feel right when first wearing a shoe that means it is NOT right!

If you are looking for a great shoe store with employees that will help you find what's right for you and your feet then reach out to Running Wild here in Pensacola! Tell Paul we sent you!

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