Individualized treatment Plan

Because we offer a customized plan of care for each patient, a variety of treatments may be beneficial. Your PT will work with you to determine what modalities and services will work best with your body to help you achieve your goals. A well-rounded treatment approach and complete plan of care is the best way to ensure long term success. Therefore, our modalities are offered as part of an all encompassing plan of care but not as individual services. 


Trigger Point Dry Needling

TPDN is a therapeutic intervention focused on releasing myofascial trigger points or "knots". Inserting a thin needle into a targeted muscle group causes a release of tension and can improve mobility and pain in muscles and connective tissues.

TMJ Treatment Protocol

As a TMJ Dysfunction sufferer herself, Dr. Charlotte Stark created a proven treatment protocol combining home exercise, manual therapy, and dry needling to reduce symptoms and improve range of motion.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Utilized by many high level athletes, this treatment partially occludes the blood flow to the affected limb. This creates optimal conditions for improving muscular strength and size under lighter weight and lower stress. 

Manual Therapy

Our treatment protocols combines strength training with high level manual therapy modalities. Focused manual therapy treatment including joint mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization  and TPDN.

I'm feeling so much Better!

What Now?

There are many factors to address to on your journey to a pain free lifestyle. To continue feeling your best, we offer these additional lifestyle services.  


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Strength Training Programs

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Nutrition Coaching