• May 18 2023
  • Hunter Stark

Do You Take My Insurance?

Do You Take My Insurance?

This is a common question that we are asked at Stark Performance.

When diving into this seemingly deep conversation with our clients, it becomes quickly evident that many people do not actually understand their benefits or insurance plans.

It also becomes quickly evident to the patient that the current healthcare system is not an efficient one. ​

The short answer to the insurance question is… there isn’t one.

In fact, when folks ask if we “take” insurance, what they are usually meaning is, "Can I pay my copay to see you?”

Sure, we “take” insurance in the sense that once the deductible is reached, the visit will be covered by a varying percentage. But copays are for in-network providers. What people don’t often realize is that there is still a deductible to be met, out of pocket.

What Plans are Out There? The ideal insurance plan for young, healthy individuals is one that includes an HSA or FSA. Deductibles will be higher but assuming you have low healthcare costs, you will be banking money each year. An HSA is a health savings account. It is a savings account for money that can only be used for healthcare. Many times, a business will match the amount of money you add to your HSA each month or some percentage of it. The benefit? This money can grow throughout your career into a large sum that is not taxed. So sure, use it as a store of money for healthcare but it is likely there will be some residual. An FSA is a flexible savings account. Similar to an HSA in that it is a pot of money for healthcare. The biggest difference is that your company will put a lump of money in it at the beginning of the year and whatever is not used in that year goes away. Other plans- HMO, PPO, etc. are also common. With these plans, there is usually a network of providers that have a special rate and are often lower costs per visit—as long as the healthcare provider that you seek out is in the network. ​

What is a deductible? A deductible is the amount of money that must be paid out of pocket before insurance will cover a percentage. Some insurance plans have one deductible and some have separate in-network and out-of-network deductibles. Example: Sally’s plan has a $2000 in-network deductible and a $4500 out-of-network deductible. She pulls her hamstring and needs PT. If she chooses an in-network provider she will pay out of pocket until she reaches $2000 then her costs are covered 100%. If she chooses an out-of-network provider she is responsible for $4500 before her costs are covered 80%. For a mild hamstring strain, the national average for visits is 10. At the usual PT clinic, they likely want you to come in 2-3x/week for 5 weeks. This cost per session could be anywhere from $50-300 depending on what the PT does with you and how long you are there. On top of that, your PT may be treating between 2 and 5 people at a time! Technically this company “takes your insurance” but the payment still comes from your pocket. Until you reach $2000—which likely will not be met with the treatment for the hamstring. Transparency: At Stark Performance, transparency is important to us. Unfortunately, the healthcare system makes that muddy because of the complexity of plans that leads people to think all healthcare visits are a $20 copay. The reality is, insurance is meant to be used as a failsafe for emergencies. Just like with the car—bad accident, the insurance helps. But if you need an oil change, that’s on you! Deductibles are so high and benefits are less because healthcare is being over-used. So rather than going to the cheapest place for the cheapest oil (that you will have to change more frequently), why not use the quality shop with the quality oil?

Why should you choose us over your in-network providers? Our visit average per plan of care is half of the national average. In the long run, you will save money. One-on-one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who understands your lifestyle and goals. We have experience with weightlifting, running, sports training, yoga, gymnastics, etc. We also demonstrate better outcomes than your usual PT clinic. Care comes from a provider who thinks outside of the box, encourages input from the patient and helps establish long term performance goals. ​ We are completely transparent with costs and plan of care.

If you need help with injuries, training and pain you can always reach out to us!

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