• April 27 2022
  • Hunter Stark

No Pain, No Gain?

No Pain, No Gain?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022


“Hey Hunter! I have a question (and maybe an idea for one of your super-inspiring posts if you haven’t already done so)…what’s your take on the phrase “no pain, no gain”? Is there a time and a place for it? Really curious about this…”

So, let's break down this phrase "No pain, No gain" that we have all come to know

Pain is a funny thing.

Pain is basically just an output of the brain giving us a possible warning signal.

…but does that always mean you are injured? Possibly, but probably not.

When you exercise vigorously, it tends to be uncomfortable. Pedal a bike hard enough, lift weights for enough repetitions, or sprint to your maximum, and you may experience discomfort that makes you want to stop exercising.

However, as soon as you discontinue the activity, the discomfort quickly tends to ebb away quickly. This pain is confined to the hardest working muscles or associated with breathing deep and fast enough to meet the needs of your activity levels. This discomfort is generalized and not narrowed to a small area. This “pain” is associated with fatigue and is normal.

Pain that is localized to a specific joint, tendon, or a focal point that limits your ability to move normally is a bit different. This pain tends to be described as sharp, shooting, achy, or even throbbing. It persists long after you stop an activity or it recurs each time you perform a specific movement, such as getting shoulder pain when you raise your arm.

Both types of pain should be respected, of course, but the latter type may possibly be related to a true injury. Longer lasting pain associated with swelling, redness, sensitivity to touch, or travels down the arms or legs should be evaluated by a medical professional. In fact, when in doubt, regardless of the type of pain you may experience, get it checked.

Better safe than sorry!

I hope that answers your question in regards to No Pain, No Gain. At our clinic we like the saying "No Pain, All Gain".

This seems to be more appropriate for improving overall GainZ!

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