• August 1 2023
  • Hunter Stark

Why Choose a Cash-Based Physical Therapy Clinic?

Why Choose a Cash-Based Physical Therapy Clinic?

First of all, what is a cash-based Physical Therapy Clinic?

Cash-based (aka out-of-network or fee-for-service) physical therapy clinics are simply clinics that do not bill their clients’ insurance (although you can still submit your bills to them…I’ll get into that later)

Instead, the client pays the clinic directly.

That being said, one of the first questions we get asked is, “Do you take my insurance?”

As you may, or may not know, the healthcare environment is constantly changing. One of the changes that is becoming more and more prominent is the shift to cash-based clinics.

The reason is that cash-based clinics have moved from a QUANTITY based system to a QUALITY based system.

Due to insurance regulations, reimbursement rates and requirements, it forces most (if not all) traditional PT clinics that bill insurance and jam pack their schedule and force the physical therapists to see multiple patients every hour of the workday.

This forces the PTs to hand-off patients to assistants and technicians….leading to less one-one-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy…which can decreased the quality of care.

In other words, because a cash-based clinic is NOT regulated by insurance (we cut out the middle man) we can truly have the patient-centered care that you deserve!

However, it is important to know that you can still submit your bills from us to your insurance. Depending on your insurance and benefits, you may receive a reimbursement on our services. With each visit you will receive a superbill with the breakdown of the treatments and services that you receive, which you then can submit to your insurance company.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose a cash-based PT clinic:

Patient Focused Care

As I mentioned before, we work for YOU and not the insurance companies.

In a cash-based clinic we are not tied down to visit/session limitations. This means we can see you as few or as many times as needed depending on your situation in order to get you better and help you reach your goals.

Since we work directly for you, we get to provide one-on-one care every time you come in and you never have to worry about getting handed off to different techs or assistants.

This allows us to be more efficient and on average, we see our patients between 1-2 visits a week. It is also important to realize that in the long run, you may actually save time and money when compared to in-network clinics that require you to come in 2-3 times per week.


With many in-network clinics they are typically booked out for weeks…meaning it may be weeks before you can get in for your first appointment.

Usually when someone is seeking physical therapy, it is because they are in some type of pain…meaning they need help now and not later!

We can typically get you in the same week if not the next day! At Stark Performance, you also have direct contact with your PT via email, phone (calls or text messaging) and an app on your phone to follow up with and make sure you are on the right track for the quickest recovery.

Better Results

Since we get to work with you one-on-one, we can follow your progress at a more precise level.

This allows us to adapt and change what is best for you right away which can get you feeling better, moving better, and ultimately performing better quicker.

Another big factor of recovery and performance is looking at the person’s body as a whole. At Stark Performance we not only look at the area that you are having pain but also the areas around it as well.

We also consider factors such as sleep, nutrition, and stress that play a big role in how your body responds to physical activity/movement. Although we as PTs are not experts in these areas, we can address them to a certain extent and get a more full picture of what can be contributing to your symptoms.

If we feel that further care is needed, we will help you to find a healthcare partner that we can refer you to, in order to get the best holistic care.

Best Long-Term Maintenance

At traditional PT clinics insurance companies may stop approving additional PT sessions when they believe you are “good to go” according to their standards, not yours.

However, they are not the experts that have gone through extensive training and schooling to be musculoskeletal specialists and more importantly they should not be able to regulate your goals of therapy. This should be left up to you (the patient) and the therapist (who has gone through the adequate training) to determine what truly can be achieved depending on your situation.

At Stark Performance we help you achieve whatever your goal may be (running a marathon, returning to a sport, lifting weights, competing in Crossfit, bull riding…you name it).

Once you finish your initial physical therapy and are no longer limited by pain, we work with you as long as you need us to get you back to 100%!

Not only do we offer continued in-person strength and conditioning visits, but also virtual programing and coaching to take the stress out of planning your training for your needs and goals. This truly allows up to bridge the gap between rehab and return to sport, helping our patients to get stronger and more confident when returning to their desired activities at a high level.

Does your PT even play sports or lift weights?

At Stark Performance Physical Therapy the Doctors of Physical Therapy that will be helping you live active lifestyles as well.

Not only do they truly love being active, but this allows them to relate and understand what you, as an athlete, do to train and compete in the things you enjoy doing. We have been involved in city sport leagues (mainly tennis), enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors.

Since you have the freedom to choose any PT out there, why not choose one that can directly relate to what you enjoy doing and is active as well!

We are known to even hop in and do a workout with you when you come in!

We are regularly dropping in to all types of gyms and workouts in the community.

Here at Stark Performance we are pushing back against insurance company demands and aiming to deliver the best quality care we can offer each and every time you walk through our door. If you are tired of being in pain that limits you from doing the activities you love to do, don’t hesitate…contact us today and we can get you on the road to recovery and beyond.

If you need help with injuries, training and pain you can always reach out to us!

Call or text us at 850-912-9203 or email:

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