• December 20 2023
  • Hunter Stark

Tennis nutrition and hydration - why is it important?

Did you know muscular power decreases by up to 19% at a dehydration level of 3%? (that’s 3% of total body weight).

WHOA! Do you know how that will affect your swing?

That is a HUGE deduction from your power output, and can result in having to strain your body to force swing power – and NOBODY wants that! 

It will also cause for you to move slower and get tired more easily throughout your match!

I know it is cold right now, but as the weather heats up, we will begin to get out and play more tennis in the sun and heat!

In order to prep for this increase in heat make sure to try the following:

  • Load up on carbohydrates 2-3 nights before, depending on how they settle in your stomach normally. Your body will need the extra energy and water (hence carbo-HYDRATE). Don’t worry – complex carbs like fruits, veggies, nuts and beans aren’t bad! Just avoid simple carbohydrates like refined sugar, corn syrup and processed foods! READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE!


    Hydrate a TON and use a little sea salt on your food

  • Electrolytes such as Ultima, Propel, Gatorade zero and NUUN tabs work well and taste good

  • Get to bed early and TRY to avoid alcohol – or at least try to re-hydrate with NON-alcoholic drinks as much as possible!

  • Bring a snack to the court!

Some favorite go-to snacks include:

  1. Nuts and a banana

There are lots of options. These are staples that you’ll want in your tennis bag at all times!


If you have any questions feel free to reach out anytime! or 850-912-9203

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